Straight Angle™: Of Google, Coke and Gyan!
Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Of Google, Coke and Gyan! 

Of Google:
First, of Google. When you want to comment on a blog, using the blogger commenting tool, had you noticed the server that it calls the comment page from?..It used to call it from something like, Urchin.service.blogger.com from the beginning...But of late,[ie, I had noticed it only today!], it is calling from a site called, google-analytics.com..but the site isnt letting users in..It throws up a 502 server error[which is a temporary error!]...Wondering what is this analytics page!

Secondly, the base.google.com is alive, but is sitting behind a secure zone...It recognises me, but wouldn't let me in!..How stupid of it!:P...and Google Base is getting redirected to the search page!..BTW, Googlebase is a web hosting service, with rumoured data management services from Google![Via, Google Tealeaves]

Of Coke:
Of Coke- What can I possibly say after seeing their recent "piyo sar utha ke"!...How can I drink it with my head up, after seeing what they have done to the Kerala People and the way they treated the Photographer, Sharad Haskar, for his photos- So, I drink with a Straw!- Need not hold my head high you see!:P

A couple of links here and you read the Gyan, as this comes from a someone I respect a lot!
What is this but- Oh! anything?


Blogger Arvind said...

coool blog!

11/10/2005 1:33 AM  
Blogger Krish said...

Welcome back Arvind!..You dont remember visiting this blog and leaving the same comment b4?:P
Thanks for the comment!

11/10/2005 3:56 AM  
Blogger Krithiga said...

Base doesn't let me in, either. :( Hope it's up soon.

11/12/2005 9:46 AM  
Blogger Krish said...

@Krithika:Umm...let's hope!

11/13/2005 3:03 AM  

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