Straight Angle™: Of floods, powercuts, candles and Kids!
Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Of floods, powercuts, candles and Kids! 

This time, as I had been to Chennai after Diwali, on a state visit to survey the flood affected areas, I realised Chennai had not been under such rains for quite long now. The well in our house was over flowing...this is the first time in four years that I am seeing water in the well[not that, there was water 4 years back - there was no well before 4 years!].

To add, as I say, "T.Rajendar to Ramarajan" sort of issues, there was no power for the two days that I was in Chennai and I was denied the comfort of good food with the Idiot box...As the days were perpetualy like twilight times, the one thing that was most sought after atleast in Mambalam area[I dont know about other areas], was Candles...There was virtually, no candles in all of Mambalam area. I understand you asking why not go to Ranganathan street...but, who will wade through the water there...there are people who did that, as I finally found out, but I preferred the comfort of the two wheeler to foot!

Searched for candles in the entire West Mambalam area to find none, then started searching for in the Saidapet area- I mean the West Saidapet..Its amazing to see that, even when people know that, the candles are in short supply, there was no price hikes...I bought the candles for the same price that was printed on the cover..Infact, I bought 4 pockets, so the shopkeeper made a special concession on the marker price too!:)

But the highlight was an accident and bad bruises on my hands and body on this visit...All because, of one lodaaku Kinetic Honda and a rain drenched street...fell flat on side and had a good scratch in the elbow...the Kinetic just dragged me along for some distance and had a deep bruise...I was able to see the bleeding itself only the next day morning, as this happened the night before!

The highlight was the game that I happen to play with my uncle's kids there...one is a grown up kid and another a naive, adamant youngster...they started playing cricket and the younger one, was all demanding more and more..he would only bat, would not bowl, would not field- but the way, the elder one took all that and still played her part of the game was really something surprising...then I realised isnt it, that way with almost all of us?

Dont we generally, agree to anything that a kid says- any demand that a kid makes? Why do we do so? Do we just start competing with the kid?..then, what is the whole purpose of being grown up and matured?- whatever, this adjusting mentality is what I find lacking with many grown-ups(including me!)- I am not meaning adjusting with the kid..I mean, adjusting with other adults!:P


Blogger Arun R said...

Oh God!!!
U hurt urself in the rains?
I never ventured out of my house during the rains. I prefered to sit in the comforts of my house and for food, I prefered to use umberella and go on foot.

11/08/2005 3:13 AM  
Blogger Sriram said...

hey....here after a long time.

hope your wounds are healed now. take care..

11/08/2005 6:42 AM  
Blogger Krish said...

@Arun: Yeah I hurt myself..a bit deep cut that was! I would prefer the comforts of the room, but with no candles to see even your toe, it was getting too bad to sit inside...u gotta pay a price for somethings!:)

@Sriram: Yeah..It had been a long time...welcome back...The wound is healing..Thanks for the wishes!

11/08/2005 10:05 PM  
Blogger DD said...

Hey, Evalavu vaarina? chillara-ya note-aava? ;-) Hmmm, idukku dhaan mazhaila samaththa veetla ukaaranumnu solradhu!

Hey Krish, it's not that way... if the elder kid doesnot adjust, the younger one will create such a big scene that it's always the elder who finally lands up getting scolded by the powerful adults! :-(( Now you know why it's better for the elder children like me to compromise the first time with the younger children!!

11/09/2005 4:23 AM  
Blogger Krish said...

@DD: You speak, as if mazhaila samathaa veetulla okkarthavanga ellam, are with no injuries...I know of a friend, who broke her leg, sitting in home!..see...it doesn't matter!:P

Umm...If I had to be with such a elder who wouldn't adjust, I would rather say, bye!;)

11/09/2005 9:06 PM  
Blogger Willie said...

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11/13/2005 3:36 AM  

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