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Friday, May 28, 2004
How many more personality tests?. am i becoming compulsive n obsessive?may be may not be....
You're BABY! You're Baby, and Rosiekins ADORES you, she loves you dearly, she'd do anything for you! You'revery smart and intuitive, and oh so adorable!You're also a little snooty, being VERY picky of who you associate with. You've almost died four times from bouts with urinary tract infections, and would have been put to sleep if Rosiekins hadn't of thrown many fits. You love life, and have been through hell and back to survive. You like spending your time fighting with Fluffy, and cleaning Prince, because you can't STAND for things to be dirty (and we think you're gay). You're probably obsessive compulsive.
Which CAT Are YOU?!
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Swarnasrikrishnan, Male, 28, India, Tamilnadu, Chennai, Tamil, English, Malayalam, German, Hindi(??)

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