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Friday, May 28, 2004
Took a casual visit to Mahesh's Blog and got on to another link and another and another till i bumped upon a personality test. took the test.
This was my result.
The ULTIMATE personality test
brought to you by Quizilla
now may be iam like this only or may be iam not. I dont knou. But 1 thing Iam what I am.-Right?. i would take another test and then verify whether this one is credible. Today morning, was gr8. Ganesh has come down from Chennai after his Summers.(not yet complete-Presentation left). Woke me up at around 5.50 from a gr8 slumber that i was enjoying. Then i couldnt sleep. Started watching the world getting ready for the day and was seriously amased to find the kind of activity going around. The first thing that strikes is the Birds-How many different varities of birds- early in the morning but still busy cropping and creeching and fighting and feeding-universe opens up in how many colours- light reddish to yellow to blue to bright white. trees slumbering up from dark patches of black to light green to the lavish colours.
gr8 morning- n there was a dog with around 4 puppies. that was a cute scene to watch from teh second floor where u are not the part of anything burt still u are in the system.Thanx Ganesh. Chennai had got good amount of rains it seems and as usual gr heat.People had been fuming about chennai. But iam just waiting to board the train- the quintessential vehicle that would chug me to my heaven-my home.


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