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Thursday, May 27, 2004
This happened yesterday night. We three(Me,Vishal and Santa) were there in the room, as they both have returned back early(Surprisingly!!!). So, they went for their dinner and i just went for company!!. Meanwhile, it is a practice with us that out of the two sets of keys we have one will b with vishal and other with the neighbour. Yestersay, we had both the key sets with us and we went out with the key set that doesnt have the key for the main door of the building. without that we will not be able to enter the building leave alone the room. So, we returned back early without roaming anywhere and we were jus sitting in the wall in front of the entrance. that is a knee high wall and it is just in front of the entrance so anyone who comes to the entrance has to see us and cant go without noticing us.
but yesterday, as we were sitting there, the lady from the GF house came saw us sitting there and without muttering a word locked the entrance and went inside. We were dumb struck. We didnt expect her to do that.Thank god we took the keys immediately on coming to the room. Otherwise, yesterday we would have been forced to sleep in the railway station. It was already 10.40 at night when this happened,and we decided to just roam about. we roamed the streets for about 2 hours after that and returned at around 1.00.
just another day iin Mumbai.


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