Straight Angle™: Why Apple is better without ATT!!
Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Why Apple is better without ATT!! 

I just got my second iPhone bill-and it wasn't the shock that others were subjected to. But, this is a shock of different kind. Right from the beginning, I am not too satisfied with the EDGE network reception and the Internet speed with iPhone- I don't think AT&T is the best fit for iPhone or for Apple. May be they need to go for a better service provider.

The second AT&T iPhone bill, just goes to prove why AT&T is such a misfit for Apple. Along with the bill, I got couple of flyers for......well, see it for yourselves!

An advert for Samsung mobiles with iPhone bills!!- Well, thats AT&T for you!- I also wanted to prove a point- these are pictures taken with the iPhone- enjoy the clarity(!!) of the pictures! I understand its just a 2MP camera- still, I would want a better clarity picture than this!- Sample this!

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